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Integrating processes and data gaining bi-directional control

Do you wish to achieve end-to-end organization, integration, automation and management of your business processes? Then you will face the task of interlinking several IT systems. (See our know-how article on digital platforms to learn more.)

For purposes of product engineering, your focus will have to be on ERP, and this is a field where SAP defines the global industry standard.

CENIT provides a solution for 3DEXPERIENCE-SAP integration which has already been proven on the market for several years. Since we are continuously developing this integration tool, we are able to offer you a solution that covers all potential IT architectures.

Whether cloud-based, on-premises or hybrid: 3DEXPERIENCE-SAP integration by CENIT combines the best of all worlds, letting your teams work with identical data on both platforms at the same time.

To make sure that you get exactly the central digital control and decision-making platform you need, 3DEXPERIENCE-SAP integration links processes and not just data.

What’s more, we ensure that in the event of a scheduled release change on one of the platforms, the 3DEXPERIENCE-SAP integration seamlessly updates the other platform as well.

As the only global software provider that has maintained a strategic partnership with both Dassault Systèmes and SAP for decades, we are uniquely positioned to act as Trusted Advisor for the industry-specific transformation of your product engineering process (PEP).