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How can you mange ChAnge efficiently?

The benefits of cross-platform processes examplified

Centrally orchestrate and validate changes

To gain an idea of the benefits of this level of integration, let’s have a look at change management.

How do you currently manage change? How do you transmit information, data, tasks and releases? How many emails and Excel spreadsheets are involved? How many production errors are caused by incomplete information or faulty planning? Can you be sure that your change management does not contain error sources that may result in product recalls?

3DEXPERIENCE-SAP integration and our process control solution lets you centrally orchestrate and validate all the steps involved in change management, conduct (sub-)tasks in SAP or 3DEXPERIENCE as needed, fully synchronize all data continuously and, in summary, implement changes with maximum efficiency and without any loss in added value.

An example scenario in change management

  • The product manager launches the engineering change request in our process control solution.
  • In the background, the software automates steps such as the generation of change masters in SAP and the associated change actions in 3DEXPERIENCE.
  • Following validation, the change actions are forwarded to the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, which handles the specific allocation of the engineering tasks.
  • For each task, the engineers have access to all necessary information on the component, the assembly and the associated product and/or change requirements.
  • The approval of the design triggers handover of the data to SAP and sends an automatic report on successful engineering change implementation to the product manager.
  • Subsequent production planning and preparation can be conducted in SAP or 3DEXPERIENCE or both.